Examinations for Ensembles


The Examinations for Ensembles are part of the Chinese Instrumental Music Grading Examinations, in which the participants’ performances are assessed as a group.

Group size

Each group may comprise up to 10 participants, and they will be evaluated on the overall group’s performance. Each school needs to meet a minimum number of 30 participants to be eligible for the Examinations for Ensembles.


This method of assessment enhances students’ learning by putting them through formal training. This can raise students’ interest in music playing by motivating them to be more proactive in their learning.

Unlike individual grading examinations, group examinations are less stressful for students and makes learning enjoyable. It is also a means of team building as students work towards a common goal of achieving certification not just for themselves but for their peers as well.


The Examinations for Ensembles are suitable for students from primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges and polytechnics in Singapore. These students may be learning Chinese instrumental music as part of enrichment courses offered by the schools and/or institutions through Chinese instrumental music instructors.


The Examinations for Ensembles will cover the Beginner level (Grade 1 to Grade 3).

The requirements for each grade include:

  • Two solo music pieces, to be selected from a list of five

The Examinations for Ensembles can be arranged to be conducted during school terms or school holidays for students involved in the enrichment courses, to facilitate the operation of the enrichment courses.

Examiners from Singapore will be engaged to assess the Examinations at the end of the enrichment courses.


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