Established in 2017, the Chinese Instrumental Music Grading Examinations is a partnership between The TENG Company (TENG) and Confucius Institute, Nanyang Technological University (CI-NTU).

The Examinations are structured as a systematic and progressive grading system, which will help schools, parents and instructors better assess their children’s and students’ progress in mastering Chinese instrumental performance.

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Posting of Results and Certificates

Thank you for taking your Chinese Instrumental Music Grading Examinations with us.

For candidates who have selected and made payment for Local Registered Service or Overseas Registered Service, the results and certificates will be mailed out from 2 January 2024.

For candidates who have selected Bulk posting to schools and/or instructors, please check with the schools and/or instructors on the status of posting.

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Chinese Instrumental Music Grading Examinations

25 November - 8 December 2023

The main objectives of the Examinations are to:

  1. Set up an examination system that will be recognised and accepted by academic and music institutions in Singapore and abroad.
  2. Establish a coherent and consistent set of guidelines for a systematic training of various Chinese musical instruments.
  3. Promote appreciation and education of Chinese music in Singapore and the region.

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